Service Status » Intermittent issues with phone support numbers (Silence/Ending immediately)

Status Current
Type Unscheduled
Service Phone Support
Impact Level
Duration 350 Hours, 16 Minutes (Total)
Start Date March 23rd, 12:12 +1100 (AEST) , 2020
End Date -

Event updates

Posted at 12:18 +1100 (AEST), Mar 23rd, 2020350 Hours, 10 Minutes ago
We are currently hearing reports of some issues with our phone numbers for support. Issues consisting of total silence or immediate hang ups after calling through to our national number (13 24 85) along with the individual state numbers.

We are investigating this presently, If you experience issues while trying to call through please reach out over Live Chat or submit your issue via an eTicket instead where our support team can assist.

For assistance with lodging an eTicket, please refer to

Latest update

Posted at 15:35 +1100 (AEST), Mar 24th, 2020322 Hours, 54 Minutes ago
Telstra have advised that some calls are still being dropped due to network congestion with multiple phone providers. This is not an issue with our phone system, but rather the higher than usual call volume in the country at the moment.

We will leave this status up as an advisory.