We have now recovered c3s1-3m-mel and it is operational. Our teams are keeping an eye on the server however it is up and running.

We apologise for any inconvience caused by this issue, if you have any issues please contact our support team via eTicket.


The server c3s1-3m-mel has almost completed it's recovery, we apologise for the delay.


Our technician has DR restored c3s1-4m-mel from the most recent backup due to unrecovable errors in the previous filesystem.

Dataloss should be minimal however, and the server is back and operational again.

The technician is still working on c3s1-3m-mel


Our technician has identified the issue and has acquired replacement hardware. They are attempting to bring the server back online before attempting DR procedures.


We are aware that two servers are currently offline and not working, our L3 technicans have been informed and are investigating.

The affected servers are &

Began at:

Affected components
  • Shared Hosting